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In addition, this innovative program is the first of its kind to teach bullying prevention using animal-assisted activities with miniature therapy horses. While often used to help teach children with learning disabilities, truancy, and behavioral issues, animal-assisted activities can also be used with mainstream children to capture their attention, teach to the moment, and reinforce what they learn.
Just Say Whoa® to Bullying is being presented by Heartland Mini Hoofs, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing animal assisted activity and therapy visits using miniature horses. With our special animals, Winnie, Bailey and Jasper we provide smiles, laughter and love to nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, schools, Alzheimer’s units, Senior communities and other special groups. HMH will be presenting to area schools upon request.

At Heartland Mini Hoofs / Just Say WHOA to Bullying we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

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The Just Say Whoa® to Bullying program takes a unique approach to teaching bullying prevention by helping children to recognize and respect the differences in one another. 
WHOA to bullying

The original Just Say Whoa® to Bullying program began with Amos the Wonder Horse® in the Tampa Bay area in conjunction with the St. Petersburg Police Department, who made him a volunteer equine officer. 

Amos is a miniature therapy horse that provides animal-assisted therapy services to hospitals and nursing facilities. He is also recognized for his work with the Harlem Globetrotters who made him an honorary goodwill ambassador for his community service. He has been featured in National Geographic Kids Magazine and books and has appeared on dozens of national and international television programs including the Today Show, Sabado Gigante, and Daytime.

For more information about the Just Say Whoa® to Bullying program, please contact Andra Ebert, Heartland Mini Hoofs at or at (217)825-3747.

By understanding that everyone has something valuable to offer, children learn acceptance, tolerance, respect, and understanding of others.
By instilling these core values and encouraging good character, Just Say Whoa® to Bullying builds a foundation of understanding and promotes a positive social environment, which – in turn – fosters kindness and good citizenship.

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