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Purpose, Function and Activities of Heartland Mini Hoofs

Our goal is the improve the mental, physical, social and emotional well beings of all patients, residents, students and all friends that we meet using these special animals.  

Bailey, Jasper and Winnie are American Miniature Horses that provide therapy to various groups of people.  Each of these horses have their very own personality and strengths. 

Winnie, the baby, is truly the most spoiled of the three.  She seems to be able to "get away" with more than the other two.

Jasper, the old man of the group, is the a true statesman.  Dependable and good looking.

Bailey, the leader of the pack, is the true Alpha mare.  While at home she can be a handful, but on a visit she is perfection. 

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At Heartland Mini Hoofs / Just Say WHOA to Bullying we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

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Heartland Mini Hoofs is a special type of animal assisted program that serves the needs of many Central Illinois residents.  We love to meet new friends at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Alzheimer's Units, Schools and other wonderful places.  Our handlers bring two or three miniature horses to visits personally with each resident, including bed bound residents, students and other community members.  Typically a visit last an hour or more.  Everyone is encouraged to actively engage with us, pet us, and most importantly love on us! 

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